The Truth About Justin Bieber's Wiener

Well, it finally happened.

Every teenage girl's wet dream came true today when naked photos of Justin Bieber were secretly captured and released on the internet for everyone to see and let me tell you something guys, they are amaz-


Hold up one fucking second.

Didn't the internet lose it's mind the last time something like this happened? Anybody remember "The Fappening"?

Didn't the FUCKING FBI get involved with that one?

Didn't every terrible internet publication write a massive piece condemning every single person who looked at those photos? You know, The same publications who are now celebrating and sharing Justin Bieber's nudes?

Case in point; these two articles from the same media company about the same issue of naked celebrity photos released to the public without consent: (Gawker Media)

Gawker Media's incredibly hypocritical point of view about the same issue.

Gawker Media's incredibly hypocritical point of view about the same issue.

I hate to be kind of fedora wearing, super-atheist, mega virgin guy who says this bu- Actually fuck that.

Why do you have to be a fedora wearing super-atheist, mega virgin to say this?

If this happened to a woman this is not how the world would react.

Today is proof of that point. I am yet to see an article about these photos that isn't celebrating them or not instructing people how and where to view them.

Look guys, I'm not trying to play the moral high ground on this one. In fact I practically spent two weeks locked in my bedroom during the fappening.

I lost 10 kilos and the feeling in both my palms for a month afterwards.

I'm just here to point out the difference in our reactions to two scenarios that are essentially identical.

"But wait!" I hear you say.

J-Biebs knew the risk right? What’s he doing swimming around naked outside anyway? Hes a celebrity for god’s sake!

He should have known there’d be some dude camped on top of a mountain with a long range camera lens waiting for payday.
— Pick and Choose Privacy Advocates

Well, come to think of it. you could say the same thing about celebrities having their phones hacked and nudes leaked.

They knew the risk when they took them...



Share, or don't.

- Lew